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Specialist Nursing

The assumptions for the Practice Nurse scheme are:

  • Practices in Gloucestershire are acutely aware of the difficulty in recruiting, retaining and training Practice Nurses.
  • It can take several years for a Practice Nurse to train in all the basic skills, and become proficient in Chronic Disease management.
  • There are very well qualified and experienced nurses working in the county who would like to increase their hours of work but this cannot be offered within their own practice
  • Many practices are short of nurses with advanced skills at various times.
  • GDoc is in a position to co-ordinate the availability of nurses and match them with practices requiring their services.
  • PMCF funding will allow us to test these assumptions for 12 months.
  • Practices wishing to continue to use this service will be charged after the initial 12 month PMCF period.

PMCF Nurse clinics will be held in practices and booked in the same way as other Practice Nurse clinics.

We would like to hear from experienced Nurses who have skills in any of the following areas:

  • Diabetes - Diabetic diploma required
  • Merit course preferred
  • Respiratory - asthma diploma required
  • COPD diploma required
  • Spirometry diploma preferred
  • Heart Disease - CHD diploma required
  • Family Planning - Family planning diploma required
  • Stif course preferred
  • Implant fitting preferred
  • Travel Health - Travel health diploma required
  • Yellow fever training preferred

Nurse Practitioners - Trained and experienced in Triage and minor illness also required for Out of Hours work.
If you are existing practice nurse with any of these skills and would like to extend your hours as part of this team, please fill in our application form below: