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Social Prescribing

What is it?

Social prescribing is a way to link people with non-medical activities and opportunities in their community.

Clinicians in medical practices and community hospitals refer or signpost to Social Prescribing Co-ordinators whose role it is to link the person with an appropriate activity or opportunity in their area. In many cases these activities are provided by the voluntary and community sector.

Who is it for?

It could be for anyone who is likely to benefit from a non-medical intervention. The original intention was to focus on frequent attenders at surgeries for whom it was recognised that a social approach would be helpful.

The programme has been operating in the county as a pilot with the support of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Gdoc. Following an evaluation of the programme by Public Health Gloucestershire and the procurement of some additional funding, the pilot has been extended to include the whole county.